Aug 21, 2012

Why you need to get private health insurance


1                     There are several reasons why you should get private health insurance as a teacher with this site. First, they are professionals who have cared for teachers and their families since 1954 and have the know-how. They now provide cover to over 105,000 members throughout Australia.

2                     This site offers you value in that you receive health insurance with high benefits and annual limits on extras as well as access to an extensive network of private hospitals.

3                     Private health funds Australia genuinely cares for the well-being of teachers which means that you and not the shareholders will receive benefits of membership.

4                     With teachers health cover you avoid the long public hospital waiting lists as you are allowed to pick your own doctor and medical facility.

5                     You don’t have to be ill to receive benefits as they offer a range of services that are not usually covered by Medicare, such as general dental, physiotherapy and remedial massage. At Teachers Health Fund they understand that teaching is a demanding profession and recognize that your professional life is dedicated to serving your local school community, guiding them through their educational journey. 

Switching to Teacher Health Fund

When switching to Teachers Health Fund you can notify your current fund yourself or we can do it for you. Complete the Clearance Certificate details and we will take care of the transfer. This allows us permission to contact your previous fund to obtain cover details. If you are transferring to a fund with an equivalent level of cover with the same benefits, you do not have to re-serve your waiting period. If your cover is lower than your Teachers Health Fund, your waiting period will apply to any services that were not covered by your previous fund. If you have cancelled your health insurance with another carrier you will have to join within sixty days to ensure that your coverage continues. Do not delay. Your health coverage is on the line.

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