Jul 14, 2012

What to look for in a hookah hose

If you are familiar with a hookah you know that it is a water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco and is used a lot by artists in the entertainment world. Its origins have not been firmly established and it is believed by some that it either originated in India, Persia or Africa. There are three types of hookahs; the modern, the premium modern and the traditional.

Modern Hookahs

Modern hookahs are typically made from solid brass or hollow brass stems in chrome, black nickel or are brass plated. Modern manufacturing techniques have made it possible for the hookah to be mass produced. There are starter hookahs for those who are new to the experience; also travel hookahs or hookahs you can buy on a budget. Having seen all the programs on border security in the US, Australia and other countries you may have to explain what it is if it is found in your bag. So check this one out. Note that some modern hookahs shaped as animals are manufactured by the competition and may be more pleasing to the eye than it is functional. The stems of those hookahs are hard to clean which in time will lessen your pleasure and enjoyment. A convenient carrier case comes with most modern hookahs.

Premium Modern Hookahs

These are the same as the modern hookahs except that it is hand made, have hand cut glass bases with unique stem designs. This option also includes a carrying case.

Traditional Hookahs

The traditional hookahs have stems that have been hand carved and have also been welded by hand on a center rod. They come from the Middle East and are deemed to be the longest lasting hookahs on the market. These types of hookahs are found mostly in hookah lounges and are typically preferred because of its quality and cost. Be aware that because it is hand made and not mass produced with mechanical reproduction, the quality might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What to look for in a hookah

Apparently this is a commonly asked question by new and experienced hookah smokers and the short answer is that achieving a great smoke depends on ‘more factors than simply the hookah itself.’ The long answer, in short, is as follows. For a good and satisfying smoke you need a properly matched large smoke chamber with a matched stem and glass. The problem with the modern hookahs is that many of the hookahs are mixed and matched with generic items. The most important thing to look at is the shape of the glass base as well as the position of the stem in the base. Often you will find that the upper half of these modern glass bases are very narrow and long, and the stem going into the glass very short. This is not a good match as there is an inadequate smoke chamber in the neck of the vase to cool and refine the smoke, and the short stem prevents the water level from reaching a normal level.

What to look for when buying a hookah hose

• A hookah should be properly matched with a large smoke chamber and a matched stem and glass.
• Check the diameter of the down stem; this is the center tube of the stem. Make sure that it has large internal diameter tubing for good and proper flow and easy draws.
• Absolutely, you must have a quality hose which can be of any design but must have flexibility, which is important, as well as air flow and cleanliness.
• To prevent accidents have a wide stable base so the hookah does not tip or fall; this can spoil an evening unnecessarily.
• Like the table base, use a sturdy shaft to reduce the possibility of downtime because the stem has been damaged.

For a hookah smoker the hookah is much more than a smoking device. It is about tradition, about friendship, about culture. Do not waste your time with cheap imitations. Everyone is manufacturing hookahs now. Our hookahs are authentic, hand formed stainless steel stems as featured on our Egyptian and Social Smoke Custom hookahs, and accurately reflects from where the Hookah come. They are hard-wearing, easy to clean and come with a one-year guarantee. Go online now to check them out and make your purchase. If you are a hookah smoker you only want the best. Have you got your credit card with you?


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