Mar 4, 2013

Learning guitar online and succeeding

A wise man once said that you can do anything you want to do when you put your mind to it. Having said that, are you being smart trying to learn guitar online? There is no one to help you with the physical mastering of holding and using the guitar; you are on your own with an instruction manual. After five or six attempts, you get the message that you will not be at it for long. If that is the case you should stop now and not waste anyone’s time. If on the other hand you really want to learn to play the guitar, you are required to put in some time. Who knows? You may turn out to be the next Jimi Hendrix or one of those cool front men in Arrowsmith or Kiss.

Getting started
Lessons can be boring, especially when you live far away from the music teacher and have to go by public transport lugging your guitar. So why not try it on your own? It might be the very reason you stay on to learn the guitar. You can’t give up that easily. Go online and download some music. They have the right stuff for beginners to get you started and build up your skills. Nothing comes without hard work.  The songs might even inspire you and steer you in the right direction. The guitar is a lot of fun. You can learn a few standard variations and cheat your listeners by letting them think you play that well all the time. Learning the guitar online allows you to practice in your own time and to set your own schedule.

The basics
There are many aids to help you such as e-books, diagrams, and pictures which will make the learning experience more enjoyable. Stick with it. Play on your own. You are not aware of it but you are becoming more dexterous – and whether you want to learn the acoustic, lead or blues guitar, the lessons are available for you. You can easily download any song, easy or difficult, by doing a search for the song you want – and you need to find a lesson plan that suits your musical tastes. Maybe you aspire to be Eric Clapton or the blues genius Buddy Guy; it is all there for the taking. 

An online guitar lesson that comes highly recommended is ‘Learn and Master Guitar’. If you want to learn amazing blues guitar solos this is the one. Some may offer you scales and patterns for fingering.  Once you have grasped the basics, you can start with the advanced stuff and achieve your goal in your own time.  You can achieve these goals in whatever amount of time that you choose; it is up to you. Remember the more you practice the faster the process.  You could be the next guitar guru in no time at all. For more information do go online.
Learn guitar online today and become the star you are destined to be!
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