Mar 2, 2012

Fun activities the whole family can enjoy

Family fun works at its best when there is something in it for everyone. Whether it is winter or summer, there are the museums to visit and the dinosaurs; you are getting fresh air traveling back and forth, but spending time indoors as well as outdoors. It is beneficial for some of your activities to take into account spending time outdoors and getting some Vitamin D protection; also good for fresh air to get into the lungs. If there are three kids who all have their own ideas, sit down with mom and dad at the table to decide where to go.

Outdoor activities with benefits

·                    The zoo is always good as kids love animals and parents are curious and have fun too. Do not feed the animals as they will overfeed; they might also lash out at you through the metal bars. It is a good activity as you walk around to the different pens and get exercise and fresh air. Bonus for parents? Yes, the kids will be tired when they get home and will have a good night’s sleep.
·                    Another outdoor activity if there is fresh snow is to put on your all-weather jacket and build a snowman together. Mom and dad can participate. You can throw snow balls at one another.
·                    The family can go together to the skating rink and have fun. They will meet their friends on the frozen rink and have time to spend some time together as most times during snowy weather people stay indoors.
·                    If the weather is cold, but not snowing yet, the family can also go for a walk. Stay away from frozen-over lakes where there are iffy patches and you might crack the surface of the ice and fall in.
·                    Go surfing down the hill if there is enough snow and your parents allow it.

Indoor activities with benefits

There are enough indoor activities the whole family can enjoy and ones you probably have already incorporated into your life:

1                    Do you have a movie night where the children can pick the movie and the kids help you make the popcorn? If you haven’t done this already, select a night where you will regularly turn up and watch a film the whole family can enjoy.
2                    Play a computer game or a board game everyone can participate in. To avoid your kids playing too many computer games, set a time limit of one or two hours, and then switch it off.
3                    Pack a great picnic lunch with roast chicken and salad and have a treat eating in the park. Don’t throw the chicken bones around; some dog will snatch it up and the bones might get stuck in his throat.
4                    Go for rides at the local fair in summer and choose rides which are safe for kids your age. Accompany your kids on these rides.
5                    Throw a Frisbee in the park and let the dog be part of it.
6                    Go together to church; a family who prays together stay together.

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