Feb 21, 2012

Know what to expect on a blind date

Blind dates are the best way to make friends. If you leave with that in mind, you can’t lose except if the guy is a complete idiot. Remember, the guy is just as nervous as you, only he doesn’t know it. He wants to be acceptable, he wants to make the grade; it makes him a more likeable person and a contestant – because it is a contest. You show off your looks and if it is pleasing, you get a chance to interview. That’s all a blind date is; an interview. If the interview works out you’re there for two hours or more; if it does not, you are in a taxi home soon enough.

How and where to meet

·                    If it is a girlfriend who has set up the date, make sure it will take place in a public place where there people around. A well-lit venue is better than a dark tavern. Make it local so you can walk home if necessary.

·                    Make sure you have cab fare in the event you have to get out, or he does not want to bring you home.

·                     Don’t be the one to be talking all the time and listen to what he has to say. If he is witty and funny and you like him, he might end up being a good friend. Remember, first sight attraction gets all the hormones going. If there’s nothing on his side, you can’t force it. Still, you should have a good time because there is a chance that he might become a friend – if for nothing else but to make you laugh.

·                    Don’t go to his flat or apartment and don’t invite him to your place the first night.

·                    Definitely do not drink alcohol as this might make both of you a little high and make you act on your animal instincts and have sex.

·                    Do not have a blind date for more than one or two hours. Take what you have heard and once at home you can dissect it.

·                    Do not give your phone number and street address to anyone. If you like him, you can do a back ground check on his past and find out if he has any convictions in other states.

·                    No matter how well the evening goes, do not take him home with you.

·                    Tell a girlfriend where you are and to check up on you at the restaurant. You might want a quick escape.

Blind dates can be a lot of fun, but one just has to be careful as well. Who knows? Your blind date may be so handsome and charismatic and savage – yes, women like a little savagery – you might want to be kidnapped by him. Change your thinking about blind dates and believe that you will meet a great guy.

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