Jul 21, 2012

German holidays and celebrations

Looking at the German calendar for customs, holidays and observations, it is surprising to discover the background and history of Christmas in Germany and to learn that most Anglo-American traditions have been adapted from Austria in Germany. The Christmas carol ‘Silent Night’ is one of them and in Salzburg is celebrated annually as the origin of the world’s most popular Christmas carol – first performed with guitar accompaniment in a church on Christmas Eve in 1818. A photograph of the interior of the chapel can be seen in their Christmas e-cards in German.

How Germans celebrate Christmas

This varies from region to region. Advent, Latin for the words arrival or coming, is the four week period leading up to Christmas when open air markets appear in many cities, the most famous ones in Nuremberg and Vienna. Shopping does not cease and shops are open on weekends and evenings during this period. Germans are fond of candles and candles are used in winter celebrations as symbols of the sun in the dark of winter.

Holidays in Germany

Family holidays in Germany mean great fun for all, with leisure and theme parks and even the world’s steepest wooden roller coasters. For hot days there is the canoe tour of the countryside or a climbing course for those who are brave enough and don’t fear heights. There are also themed routes with a range of attractions and an ideal place for couples and families alike to explore the romantic medieval castles or some rare fossils. Europe is known for its wonderful museums and allows children and families to experience an earthquake or travel back in time to historical Berlin. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland celebrations are ongoing until the end of the ‘twelve days of Christmas ‘between Christmas and January 6.

Hotels and accommodation

There are plenty of affordable places to stay during your holiday, including apartments, youth hostels, or just camping out for those who want to be outdoors. There are also hotels which are inexpensive and a pleasure to stay in. If you are interested in experiencing a wonderful winter retreat over Christmas and visit Germany, all you have to do is look at the calendar, select a month and a linked holiday for more information about the traditions and celebrations for that month. To make understanding the language easier, holidays and traditions are linked to a glossary of English and German terms.

Some families prefer independence and go for a self-catering holiday apartment. They have a rating system of 1 to 5 indicating the level of quality and service you can expect so there is nothing stopping you from having the holiday you can afford. If you have children and need a babysitter, there are hotels which provide childcare and children’s activities. These services are a lifesaver for when you want to go out with your partner and know your kids are safe in the hotel. With a huge choice of sports, recreational facilities and parks there is enough fun for everyone. Finding a holiday place in Germany has become easier and promises a lot of fun.


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