Dec 19, 2012

Why happiness is important for a long and healthy life

Happiness is a state of mind and people who are happy generally live longer than those who have many regrets and are always feeling low. A study involving nuns indicate that at the age of 85, 90% of the nuns with a cheerful background or history were still alive compared to just 54% of the least cheerful. To be happy means you feel light and free rather than congested and blocked up psychologically. A person who is happy embraces life and is anxious for the day to begin whereas an unhappy person feels morbid and solemn and drags you down with them, not intentionally but nevertheless. A person who is constantly dark and morbid is hard to be around; you feel under pressure to cheer him up; feeling bright and cheery makes for a pleasant environment.

Happiness and optimism

·         The most important reason why happiness is important is that happy and positive feelings can change the chemical make-up of our bodies, and produce chemicals which enhance immunity and cell repair. 

·         People who are optimistic get what they want as they constantly look for opportunities; people who are depressed do not believe in achieving anything. Optimists make lemonade out of lemons. They bounce back fast after a set-back. Their happiness is in line with their optimistic attitude. Consequently, they have a wholesome and happy life.

·         Someone who generates good cheer and sees the bright side in everything is more likely to attract a fun-loving individual into his life rather than someone who constantly mopes and feels depressed. 

Luck and virtue

There is a link between ‘doing good’ and feeling good. When you are happy and healthy you become generous and want to enlighten others and share what you know. You are positive. You are patient and kind. You create a ripple effect in the pool which spreads wider and wider and benefits everyone. Did you know that there is a link between luck and virtue? Think about it.

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