Mar 8, 2012

Dating a man you have met on the internet

It was a lot of fun when we were younger and the internet first came out and you made contact with people on the other side of the world, but is that what people still do today considering all the dangers involved? In the old days internet dating had some kind of stigma attached to it as people looked at you as being desperate, but now it is commonplace and many people resort to the internet to find a mate.

Women more at risk

Dating a complete stranger and meeting him in a cafĂ© where no one knows where you are and does not even know that you are out with a stranger poses a lot of risks. Women and children get snatched right in front of you in the park. Children are not safe by themselves on the street. All you have to do is watch the Criminal Investigations Network to see how many women have come to their end meeting strangers they had first met on the internet. To be sure, there are enough genuine people out there who are there to meet their next partner, and are there for the right reasons, but is it safe to look for your next husband on a TV screen and put yourself at risk? You don’t even know if the person on the other side of the screen is him. You don’t know him. He can’t see you and you can’t see him. There is physical danger, emotional danger and psychological danger.

Staying safe

Dating someone you’ve met in your everyday life and whose family and friends you know is difficult enough. Add the facts that this person is a voice on the phone and a few email letters, and you don’t even know which state he is in, where he works, where he lives, is a recipe for disaster. When you see pedophiles and predators lined up in a police lineup, most of them look like choir boys. If you insist on dating a man via emails, the telephone, or a television screen, here are some tips on how to stay safe:

• The first time you meet him on the screen or on the telephone, ask for his telephone number and his address. Do a back ground check. If he has lied about any of these three things, end your date immediately. Don’t even bother to discuss it. You want nothing to do with someone who would purposely lie to you about where he can be found.

• If his back ground checks out and he wants to go on a date, ask him if it is all right for a friend to come along. The more people who meet him make it better for you as there will be witnesses and he would not try anything.

• Be careful of men who can never speak to you at certain times of the day; they may be are married and cheating on their wives, and on you.

• Be especially careful of men who say they have to go on business once or twice a week to another state. Most of these men are lying and have mistresses.

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