Mar 12, 2012

Choosing the best wedding photographer

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking as there are many people filling different roles, looking for different things and ideas, the least of which is a great photographer who can capture the event so that years later you can still recall the best day of your life. For a first class event, perhaps even a destination wedding, there are certain things you must look for in a wedding photographer and certain ideas you must forget.

A destination wedding

The first thing to forget is having a friend who knows a bit about snapping pictures shooting the event. You have spent months planning the bridal finery, the catering, the kind of wedding – a Zulu wedding if it is a destination wedding where the couple is dressed in leather strips and feathers, or perhaps a Bedouin’s nuptials in a tent – and you cannot afford to make a mistake with the kind of photographer you need. A wedding such as the one you have in mind may need a year’s planning and an expert wedding photographer. The quality of the photographer’s work will be what lends beauty and quality to the shots.

What you need to do

• Hook up with a photographer with experience; one who knows what you want and can get it done. Check references and call the parties to make sure they have had a good experience and that the quality of the photographs were good.

• Ask to see photographs and videos of other weddings he has photographed. Check for framing and composition and whether shots have been properly lit. You don’t want to end up suing him for poor quality photographs.

• If the wedding is a destination wedding where travel is involved, this adds a whole new dimension and make sure these details are finalized well in advance.

• Another thing with destination weddings is to ensure that the wedding props arrive well ahead of time and that everyone knows the location of the wedding.

• Set aside enough money for unexpected expenses and rearranging itineraries if there are families involved.

• Make sure that he has the expertise to understand the theme of the wedding and able execute it to your satisfaction. Research should be done and things should be planned and settled well before the wedding day.

• Make sure that he photographs all members of the family and not leave anyone out.

• Visit his studio and check through samples of his work. Your wedding day is special and you don’t want to forget things or make mistakes.

• Ask him for ideas. If he has filmed or photographed a lot of weddings he will be well experienced and may come up with some classic shots.

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