Mar 12, 2012

Signs that you are neglecting your man

Have you become so comfortable in your marriage that you do not take the same care now with your appearance that you did when you first met? Is your husband still careful with his grooming and diet and exercise regime and always looking good? This is telling evidence that you are falling off the scoreboard and allowing the marriage to go stale. A marriage that is dull and without luster will not last long if the couple puts no work into it. Here are some telling signs that you are taking your man and your marriage for granted.

Taking stock of the situation

• You do not take the same care with your appearance and go to bed wearing socks.
• You do not shower every day before coming to bed.
• There are no longer any roses or chocolates or little surprise gifts.
• You don’t brush your teeth in the mornings and don’t have the same regime with hygiene you first had.
• You are becoming Ma and Pa Kettle and slowly sinking into a boring lifestyle.
• You pass gas in bed and let out machine gun farts, laughing.
• You don’t surprise him at the front door with those little outfits you first wore and play doctor and nurse.

Bad breath a deal breaker

Surprisingly, these are the small things which eventually build up which you cannot pinpoint when someone asks you what went wrong. There are insidious and nagging thoughts in your head that you are not doing enough, but still you do nothing about it. Did you think when you got married that you could just lie back and not develop marital friendship and intimacy? Or that you would find a woman or a man and fall instantly IN love and live on a high forever? The bottom line with every kind of relationship is that partners grow bored with one another just like you cannot eat the same food every day. Well, you cannot change partners, but you can spice things up.

A big sign that you are neglecting your man is that you no longer do the small things which you enjoyed when you first started dating. Are you still playing Scrabble at the club where you played once a week, got the opportunity to play with your partner in a competition, or got involved in things which used to interest both of you? Are you still meeting your friends for scones and tea on Saturday afternoons? Are you still seeing your friends? Are things still hot in the bedroom? Think of the best kind of relationship you would want; a companion that cares for you, and is there for you, one you can tell anything to and never betrays you, one who has your best interest at heart. And happily, very happily, one you still want to be close to and intimate with.

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