Apr 22, 2011


        The first sign that you might be pregnant is that you have missed a period and have had some discharge or traces of blood. The symptoms you will probably experience, and not in any particular order, is that you might feel a little nauseous when you wake up. For some women it is the smell of coffee or the aromas of bacon sizzling in the pan that sets them off. Your mouth tastes funny and you have a sudden urge to vomit and run to the toilet to throw up. Throwing up in the mornings can sometimes last for three or four months and you might want to suck on a sugar-free mint to change the nauseating taste in your mouth. Some women take Gravol to diminish the nausea, but you might not want to do that for the baby’s sake.

Another symptom is that your breasts feel tender. They feel swollen and full. Your nipples are sore to the touch and seem to be getting larger. You also feel bloated and your feet feel uncomfortable in your shoes. As the pregnancy progresses, your breasts will grow larger in preparation for the baby. An ideal bra to wear is one that can accommodate your swollen breasts and also has a flap so you can feed the infant without taking it off.

Another big symptom is craving for particular foods, and sometimes in the middle of the night. You might never have had dill pickles, but now crave dill pickles with ice cream or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You might go off tea and certain foods altogether and/or binge on other snacks. Be careful what you eat, and be light-handed with spices and caffeine as you want to avoid heartburn. Don’t eat things like chips and chocolates and stay away from fizzy drinks. You don’t want to stack on extra pounds as you’ll be stuck with it afterwards.

Your hormones are in flux now. If you have curly hair, it might straighten. You might also experience a change in sexual desire; for some women, they may not want sex during pregnancy, and for others, they want it more now than before they were pregnant. You might experience a discharge at certain times.

You will also feel very tired and if your doctor has not already recommended it you should take an iron pill. Don’t wear shoes that are too tight and have no way for your feet to breathe. Put up your legs whenever you can. The obstetrician will keep an eye on your iron and prescribe iron pills if you need it. Your stool will be black; don’t be alarmed. Take the iron pills that have a stool softener. Make sure you eat healthily with lots of salad in your diet to prevent constipation. Try to drink at least five or six glasses of water every day.

Get into a regular routine of exercise by walking three or four times a week. Don’t do anything drastic. After a few weeks you will get used to your symptoms. By the fourth month, your morning sickness should have subsided or stopped and everything will be normal except for the little bulge which has started to show.

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