Dec 28, 2011

Parkinson’s For an early Birthday

This writer was on her way to the travel agent to book a ticket from Cape Town to New Jersey when she stopped off at the doctor’s office for a bit of shaking of the right hand diagnosis when the news she got was that she should have an MRI of the brain and was most likely in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. She sat stunned looking at the doctor. She was turning 65 in March and wasn’t ready for anything as intrusive and debilitating as Parkinson’s Disease. She has an active life. She is directing her second film in 2012 and no way had any inkling that she was even ill. For two days she stayed in bed and hardly came out of the room. She booked her ticket. Told the doctor she would not take any medication. She was going to stay six weeks in New Jersey and decide what she should do; take conventional medication or explore the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of going the natural way.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

We have all seen Muhamad Ali and Michael J Fox on television talking about Parkinson’s and never thought that we might ourselves fall captive to the disease. After five weeks of being away from home and having had time to think, I decided that I was not going to lie down and give in. I had the disease but the disease did not have me. I was in the early stages. I would investigate hemp oil and other remedies and completely change my life. So far I have quit smoking even though I read that nicotine protects the dopamine neurons in the brain. New research has shown that nicotine protects the dopamine neurons in the brain – which may lead to new types of treatment for the disease. Scientists found that nicotine had the potential to rescue dopamine neurons in cultures from normal mice, but not in cultures from mice without the nicotine receptor. Findings suggest that it may be feasible to develop therapies for Parkinson's disease that target nicotine receptors, particularly the alpha-7 nicotine receptor.

Lifestyle adjustments for Parkinson’s sufferers

Think healthy and be positive. Find out about the foods like yams, avocado, nuts, and bananas which are good brain foods as they contain seratonin and dopamine. Drink lots of water as constipation is an issue for some sufferers. No matter how tired you are, do stretching exercises for at least twenty minutes and go for a walk. If you have problems with balance, use a stool in the shower so you can sit. Have handrails where you need them. This writer would appreciate any comments, tips, and suggestions you might have. Do post your stories, comments and opinions so everyone can know what worked for you.

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