Jan 21, 2012

The Misery of Yeast Infection

The most common symptom of a yeast infection is itching in the vagina. Other symptoms of a yeast infection include burning, soreness, painful sex and vaginal discharge. The discharge is odorless and has a whitish, thick and slimy appearance. Some women are prone to yeast infections and experience pain and a sharp burning sensation when passing urine. Besides the pain, there is also the added worry that she might have contracted a sexually transmitted disease from a past boyfriend and is infected.

Recurrent yeast infections are not uncommon and may be related to an underlying illness and may require more aggressive treatment than over-the-counter remedies. Consulting a doctor first is the best thing. Diagnosis, however, is not always easy and medication is prescribed. When the medication does not work, the patient ends up back at the doctor’s office. Why? Because antibiotics do not only kill the bad germs; they kill everything, including the lining of her private parts. Your doctor may take a specimen scraped from the affected area for microscopic analysis to make a firm diagnosis and to rule out any other causes.

Yeast Infection Facts

Antibiotics mess up the ecosystem in your body and it baffles this author how quickly a doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for a common cold or flu. Antibiotics can only kill bacteria; it can't kill a virus. If you feel better after taking an antibiotic, it is just the natural course of the virus leaving your body. Doctors should know this. If they don't and prescribe medication without knowing your medical history they are doing guess work and it is not in your best interests.

A doctor needs to have your medical history and act upon the information. You could find yourself prone to yeast infections simply because of the antibiotics taken. Is it a quick fix that you need? Will Monistat do the trick? You have to know for sure which it is.  Maybe it is time to consult a different practitioner. Vaginal itching or burning is not a joke and if left untreated, will get worse. Always determine first if there are natural cures in plain yogurts and other foods as doctor visits can be costly. Also take a look at your lifestyle. Are your pants too tight? Do you sit in a bath of water frequently? See what changes you can make to facilitate a stress-free life and bring your yeast infections under control.

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