Jan 28, 2012

Treating yeast infection naturally

Often when contracting a yeast infection, the clothes closet is the last thing the sufferer will look at; yet, it is better to prevent an infection in the first place rather than go through all the suffering and having to take conventional medicine again. There are things you can do and remember to prevent contracting a yeast infection. Have you taken a look at the way you wash or the way you dress? You should not wear tight pants or even panties that ride up your crotch. Bacteria are easily spread in that area. Loose clothing is best. You don’t want any part of your body to be a hot spot for infection.

It is also advisable to have a shower rather than sit in bath water that might re-infect you. It is an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling having a yeast infection, but you want to avoid baths with your children sitting in the same water and even using the same towels. Remember, having sex with your partner passes the infection back and forth.  And here’s the kicker: if your condition does not get cleared up, you can also get yeast infections around your dentures, between and under the breasts, and also in skin folds. Always keep these areas clean and dry. In a woman a yeast infection spreads very quickly and easily as the infection thrives in a moist and mossy and dark environment and can also give out vaginal odors.

Kitchen ingredients to combat yeast infection

·                     Plain, unsweetened yogurt (since sugar feeds yeast) which can be ingested and also used externally. Eat yogurt before your meal as it provides good bacteria for your stomach to aid in digestion.
·                     To use yogurt externally, you can also dip a tampon into the yogurt and insert it into the vagina. I don’t know how well this works, and would check with other women who may have done this.
·                     Use lots of garlic in your food; yeast hates garlic and provides almost instant relief. If you use garlic tablets, make sure the ingredients are natural. Garlic offers a host of other health benefits.
·                     For temporary relief, if you need a hot bath, add a cup of apple cider vinegar to the bathwater for a relaxing bath. Don’t apply apple cider vinegar directly to the infected area. Don’t let anyone else use your towels.
·                     Flush out your system by drinking lots of water – perhaps four or five bottles a day.

I will not recommend what kind of medication and supplements you should take. That is best left to the doctor. Go online and read up on yeast infections. There is a lot of information. For myself, I would consult the doctor first and stipulate that it should only be natural.

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