Feb 22, 2012

Sound values for a healthy family life

This is a subject that has such breadth you don’t know where to start. Practicing good sound values, however, should start with the family and at home. One can be judged by one’s company; so one can be by one’s family. Sound values are ideals we live by and which take us through life. To be without values is to have no moral compass. Charity starts at home and so must everything else. You must have God in your life; that is the first thing. When you have God in your life you are more apt to have respect for your elders, you will have something to believe in, you will have guidance and support if you seek it.

Here are some values to live by

·                    Compassion for others. Not everyone is as fortunate as you are. Some people complain about beggars and people asking you for things on the street. Give what you can. Buy someone a lunch. Give the vagrant on the corner two dollars. Don’t question what he will do with the money; give it unconditionally. 

·                    Respect for your elders. Have respect for the people at home and for people in positions of authority. Also have respect for those close to you, at school, and for whatever friends you may have. Having respect costs nothing and just helping someone carry her groceries or helping her out of the car, is a good deed. 

·                    Be honest. Start your children on the right path by telling them to always tell the truth, even if what you have to say is going to land them in trouble. Your parents will 

·                    Be generous. Not only with material goods, but with your time. It is harder for some people to give of their time, but it will mean a lot. Giving of your time could include giving someone a lift, taking a friend to the hospital, staying with someone at the accident scene to comfort the person; one can be generous in many ways.

·                    Forgiving your enemy. You know what Jesus said in the Bible about this. Don’t carry a stone in your heart forever because someone has harmed you. You will feel lighter having forgiven the person and you will be rid of dead weight.

·                    Give more than you ask for. You will get double in return. In fact, don’t expect anything when someone has helped you. Be responsible in your dealings with people and do not begrudge them anything.


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