Mar 1, 2012

Beauty versus intelligence

Beauty versus intelligence

On a Dr Phil show I watched recently, the question was whether women are smarter than men and that some women dumb it down to make it easier for the man to be with her. She would tell a new man she meets that she works in insurance or is a secretary when she in fact is a professor, to accommodate the man. The response from a man in the audience was that beauty was a greater asset than intelligence and that men are visual creatures and want to be attracted to the woman first; that that would be the calling card for him to nose around and find out what the woman is all about. 

Dumbing it down

Two women in the audience disappointed all the women in the show when they opened their mouths and said they would rather have a tummy tuck than a college degree, and would rather be blessed with good looks than having an MBA. They made audience members cringe with their stupidity and tactlessness, particularly when one of the two women said that she was a star or a diva and needed makeup and expected big lug Dr Phil to stop his show, and the other woman made racist remarks and accused the guest of the show by saying she wasn’t Yiddish enough to marry a Jewish man. It went downhill after that and the more these women tried to redeem themselves, the more they put their foot in it and showed their intelligence level. 

Faulty thinking

The truth though is that the men are not wrong when they say that they want to be physically attracted first. They are not interested in meeting a woman because she is a book lover or a psychologist; in fact, they will avoid the psychologist for more reasons than one. They also don’t want that sensible friend they’ve been kicking around with all the years when going to movies. They have fantasies and want a woman to knock them off their feet. They want mystery and long hair. They want to be mesmerized and aroused. The reason I say that men are not wrong to want a physical attraction first is because women want the same thing. 

The only difference is that she is more practical. She meets the man and before he has even shaken his hand she is comparing her last name with his and planning how many children she is going to have. She knows the route to his heart, and how to guard it. She is not the town beauty but she is sensible and has a nice smile and rosy cheeks. If you are unattainable and she manages to nail you and get you to put a ring on her finger she is indeed an intelligent human being.

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