Apr 4, 2012

Determining whether a relationship is worth continuing

Are you dating the same man as ten years ago, nothing much is rocking your boat, things seem to have settled into a Ma and Pa Kettle kind of relationship, without kids, and you are wondering whether there is more? There is more, but there is also a lot less. Your life is boring, you do the same things every day, and now and again you just wish some exciting thing would sweep you off your feet. That usually means some physical distraction. And also means that the two of you have taken each other for granted and allowed the relationship to flounder. No worries. If your partner is good to you and at one time knocked your socks off, there is room to improve the relationship by stepping out of the box and changing a few things. If you are the kind of person to make a list, here it is.

• Plan your shower just before he arrives home from work and greet him in a soft white towel with your hair wet and just combed out. Use your favorite fragrance soap and brush your teeth even though you have not had supper yet. Men like sexual surprise and you would be the one who has initiated it – which is one of his best surprises. A man gets a real kick when the woman initiates things in the bedroom. And the bedroom is still the best place where great deals are negotiated between mates.

• Have his favorite meal ready in the oven and suggest that the two of you go bowling with friends. He will have renewed energy as he is sated and filled with affection. Watch a movie about lions in the Serengeti and see how the females snuggle up around the male. They are bonding animals.

• Try and change some of the usual routine of movies on a Saturday night and falling asleep on the couch by playing a game you have made up entirely by suggesting you go to a bar separately and he picks you up at the bar as if you were a stranger and you play out the whole scene. The anticipation in the car will be electric as you will have to wait until you get back home to consummate what you feel.

There are many things you can do in this vein as long as you remember that one has to stoke the fires periodically. Men love sex; that’s just the truth of it. And they love it when they least expect it. Don’t be predictable; let him know that he still has what it takes to be a first rate mate.


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