May 29, 2012

The Dr Phil and Fred Williams saga

I’ve been following the Dr Phil show on and off since the show first started, and every time I tune in there is Dr Phil with the crack addict Fred Williams and his wife, Cathy trying to get the couple rehabilitated. Dr Phil usually gives a crack addict a chance to tell his story and then gets tough. He does not play around with the seriousness of the topic and will tell an addict what he thinks and what has to be done. All nice and wrapped up with the results three months later when the rehabilitation period is over.

In the case of Fred Williams the almighty Dr Phil has been lied to left and right by Fred Williams and still persists in listening to the lies, sending Williams off to rehab, following Williams’ progress, being lied to again. Any other addict Dr Phil would have read them their rights and sent them packing. I wondered why the favoritism, the money which was being spent, and the time Dr Phil had invested in one guest.

This morning I tune in to the program and there is Fred Williams sitting on the nice couch with new teeth in his mouth, a new haircut, new clothes, shoes, and his wife, Cathy in new garb also, with sparkling white teeth in her mouth, a snazzy hairdo with blond streaks and decent clothes. They had become celebrities for being liars and crack addicts. When Williams saw his wife enter the set, a tear appeared in his eyes. When Dr Phil reminded him and showed him a video of an earlier program some months back, Williams admitted he told all the lies and was laughing and having fun at all his attempts to get clean.

Is anyone kidding? We all know that addicts are liars and that we cannot take their word. Instead, Dr Phil sat on the opposite side of Williams and told him that he believed in him all that time. A video was shown of Williams sitting on the set. The video showed Williams entering rehab, staying six days, coming out of rehab and quite proudly marveled as he told how he had used crack and lied to Dr Phil all the time. They were almost buddies as he told the big host how he had turned to robbing and stealing cell phones and doing crack. Dr Phil was proud of him. He had taken a man out of a tent and given him respectability. He was showing his largesse. Get real, Dr Phil. Three months from now we are seeing William again. Imagine how many other addicts could’ve been helped with all that money spent. I guess one has to think out of the box all the time and think of the ratings.

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