May 29, 2012

Getting rid of a mean headache

Often people get headaches from not having enough sleep. Don’t underestimate the healing benefits of sleep. There are many kinds of headaches and often all it takes is a good night’s uninterrupted sleep, drinking lots of water and eating the right foods to get rid of them or not have headaches at all. It is also wise not to eat late at night and then go to bed with a full stomach. It can cause indigestion and nightmares and you can wake up feeling jumpy.

Kind of headaches

There are cluster headaches, migraine headaches, tension headaches, pressure headaches and so many of them that they have names. To speak generally most of them come from not having enough sleep, binge drinking, and hangovers. There are also migraine headaches where the pain is so persistent that it becomes worse when there are blinking lights flashing from the television screen, loud noises, or there is too much light in the room. A person who has had these headaches persistently knows what to do; he draws the curtains or the blinds to suffused light, switches off the radio and television and goes to sleep.

Determining what kind of headache you have

Tension headaches seem to be the worst and the sufferer feels a dull pressure behind his eyes and numbness down the side of the face. This can be quite scary if it is the first time you are experiencing it and the numbness can make you think it is a stroke. Migraine headaches can be frightening too as you can vomit and sometimes also have a problem with vision. These headaches are often caused by food reaction, hormonal changes and stressors. Try meditation. Have aromatherapy if you like it. Try a massage, get lots of sleep, and eat properly before you run out for headache tablets.

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