May 4, 2012

Is volunteering good for the soul

Indeed it is. For the most part we live selfish lives and giving back is a way to say thank you to God. We don’t have to have money to do it; there are many ways to volunteer. We could help out at hospice, a shelter, read to sick children, orphans, assist with sick babies or children with HIV. The best way to start is to inquire at an organization where your talents can most be used. We all have talent. Being patient is a talent; also a virtue. Other virtues which could be employed are kindness, compassion, generosity. If you don’t like giving money, give loaves of bread, packets of rice, fish oil to cook, sugar for tea. These small items will help someone out. If you are a teacher you could help with educational needs. You could also help with children, animals, and children with special educational needs.

How to go about finding the best fit for you

• If you have a talent or a particular interest, you could teach that to anyone who is interested in the knowledge. Writing for example can be taught in the comfort of your home.

• Speak to a volunteer adviser and find out where your talents could most be used.

• People of any age should be welcome to join and seniors should not be excluded. For some seniors being useful will be good for them, particularly if they are indoors all day with nothing to do. It will be a kindness to help them start something new in their lives.

• If you know of work at home jobs for women who are eager to learn and earn, there are many jobs that can be done from home allowing women with young children to stay home.

• Volunteer for the right reasons; because you want to and not to earn money. Your reason for being there is to help someone change his or her life.

• There are always new projects or new programs springing up. Put your name on the list of volunteers who are interested in being involved.

• Be sincere. Don’t volunteer because you have ulterior motives. Volunteering your services to help others is a good thing to do as it requires your time, and for some people, particularly for people in business time is something they can ill afford. Such a person would have the right frame of mind of what volunteering entails.

• Once you start on a program, don’t quit just because you didn’t know how much work it would be. Give of yourself whenever you can.

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