Jun 19, 2012

How God conscious are you?

If asked whether you believe in God, do you say you are not really religious, but you are God conscious? What does that mean? That you are conscious of God in a way that is not easily understood or explained or conscious of God because you try to do good things in your life? Which is it? The way it is used today it is almost like a new religion. Question: “What do you believe in?” Answer: “Oh, I don’t believe in anything; I’m God conscious.” Really, it’s a catch phrase meaning that you don’t know who and what you are; you believe, but without conviction.

Here’s what disqualifies you from being God conscious

• You give a beggar on the street a pie because he is hungry, but you tell everyone at the office about your good dead.

• You see a friend on the street trying to fix a punctured tire, you offer him help and then talk ill of him when he leaves.

• You pray to God, and later when you are with your friends playing cards, you have a Scotch on the rocks to make you feel lucky.

• You abide by all the rituals of prayer, and do not give a lift to your neighbor who walks from the church or the mosque in the rain.

• You have supper with your family, a friend drops by unexpectedly and you ask him to wait in the kitchen until you are done eating.

• You pay the faithful person who does the cleaning, make up the beds, look after your kids, but dish her food on an old plate and tell her to eat in the kitchen.

How generous are we really? We are all guilty of hypocritical acts. The person who says he is God conscious is not lying when he says in his own words that he is conscious of God. He is thinking of his spiritual life, or the lack of one. Will he strive towards it and make a conscious effort to be aware? To be aware is to be honest and responsible. It is at this juncture that we can stop and decide which way we want to proceed and become a conscious human being. There is a saying in the holy book that says that when a man reaches the age of forty and he has not yet developed a spiritual life, he never will.


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