Jun 21, 2012

If God created Satan, why should we reject Satan?

Satan is a Fallen Angel who refused to obey God when he was ordered to bow to Adam and God cut him loose. It is also Satan who tempted Eve, metaphorically speaking, to eat of the apple in the garden and promised God that he would mislead and misrepresent and lead people into temptation. If you look at the world and the havoc created by needless wars, the poverty in Africa, the mudslides, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes, it is something to be worried about. Did God create it? Have we caused these disasters by our own hand?

If we complain we must look back on our lives. God is not responsible for war. Man is. He is filled with greed. He covets another man’s wife. He commits adultery, he steals from the nation, sends children to war. Satan told God he would continue until he has won. And we allow Satan to win by our own actions. We treat our earthly home with disrespect. We go to war for the spoils. We invade the land of others in the belief that it is ours to control. We don’t own anything, and have yet to see a hearse with a body in it and the corpse’s worldly possessions going with him to the grave.

Satanic thought or behavior should be deconstructed for what it really is; a menace to society. We should not spend our time worrying for thousands of years about the power of Satan, but in our every day lives reject the temptation to do wrong. Satan only wins when we drop our guard and allow worldly things to take precedence over our soul. The soul lives forever; the body rots from the moment of death. All we take with us is our good deeds; our bad deeds will speak against us.

To answer the above question therefore, God created Satan to keep us on our toes. It will be our response to temptation that will make or break us. If we steal and take what is not ours, it is Satan talking. If we tell Satan to bugger off and get lost, it is our inner voice and God speaking to us. Heed the Word of God and reject Satan.


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