Jun 15, 2012

Safe ways for teens to use the internet

Whether you like it or not, your teens are going to use the internet either for research and studying purposes or for social activity and it would be wise to stipulate the times they can use the internet on top of telling them how to use it and what to do and not to. There are all kinds of scams where people offer you big sums of money for a prize you did not win all in an effort to obtain your personal details, bank account codes, email address and so on. If they have those details they can find out where you live and cause all kinds of problems.

Tips for surfing smart

• When receiving spam where you are told you won the lottery and to supply your name and address, don’t even open up the email and just delete it.

• Don’t divulge your Social Security number under any circumstances. Legit companies would never ask you for these details. It should in fact be a warning to you.

• The same thing with codes and passwords. Some people have books filled with passwords and should keep these in a safe place. It would be a big job to get all those passwords again, and it would give the thieves an opportunity to raid your accounts or run it up with huge items.

• Never send emails with phone numbers, links, and passwords through the site; it is then revealed to everyone who can use the information against you.

• Always use a screen name so you can never be tracked down; also think carefully of the kind of screen name you create. Don’t be provocative or you will attract the wrong kind of people to your site.

• Use a screen name for a chat room and keep online friendships in the virtual world. You never know who you are talking to and it is easy to prey on kids.

• Don’t get roped in to meet anyone face to face. There are predators who surf the net looking for kids they can exploit and who are not who they say they are and could pose danger.

• Don’t give your real name to anyone and if you are talking to someone who makes you feel uneasy and you sense that something is wrong, click off and tell your parents so they can report it.


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