Aug 5, 2012

Benefits of rear tine tillers

When it comes to gardening and growing vegetables homeowners can be very discerning. They love growing plants and vegetables and know the hard work that goes into it. You have to prepare the soil first before you can proceed. Some homeowners prefer the old pitch fork and digging with their hands into the dirt; others don’t want to struggle and get a rear tine tiller to aid them. For those of you who do not know what a Husqvarna rear tine tiller is, it is a heavy duty gardening tool using gasoline in an engine with about five to eleven horsepower depending on the model and is used to mix up and break down the soil to be able to work compost into the ground and get it ready for reseeding and planting. It is especially used by avid gardeners and professional landscapers to work and mix compost into large beds of soil. 

Tillers and tines

The tiller has a range of speeds that enable the homeowner to use a slower speed for the difficult job or a faster one for the less demanding jobs. The tilling tines rotate at a very high speed as this produces better soil preparation. The tiller is a versatile gardening tool with many attachments which can perform a variety of tasks such as tilling hard compacted soil and homeowners appreciate the work it can do as it makes life easier for them. An 18 inch tiller attachment for instance is good for tilling between the vegetable rows, a 26-inch tiller covers more ground, and a rear tine tiller is capable of handling a wide variety of tasks any time during the year. In rear tine tillers the tines are in the back of the machine. These types of tillers are designed for large areas and can tackle difficult jobs where the soil is hard. A tiller that counter rotates can take care of that. 

Selecting a tiller

The DRT 900 is a super tiller for safe and steady operation. The counterweight increases weight on the wheels and improves balance. Heavy treads also provide better grip in the cultivated soil and there is a drag bar which is easy to adjust in different working and weather conditions.

If you have large grounds and are new at this, seek the advice of someone who knows about gardening, tillers and tines. Select a tiller that will suit your needs, but not one that is too large for you to handle. Check what type of engine fuel it uses. The engines are either 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. There are many companies which make both types of tillers. Speak to a professional where you bought the tiller and ask his advice for the right kind of tiller for you. There are also nurseries which can answer your gardening and soil preparation questions and people who have bought tillers who can tell you whether the tiller does an adequate job. Go online and do a search on the different types of tillers and for other gardening information. A Husqvarna rear tine tiller may be the tiller for you.

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