Nov 29, 2012

Is there a link between genius and mental illness?

Is there a link between genius and mental illness?

There definitely is. A good example of this are artists who are brave and daring in their ideas and are made up of individuals who have the audacity to express themselves mentally in full regalia. Axel Rose in his mega-crowd performances for instance becomes almost manic as he loses control and just throws himself into the crowd – Janis Joplin the rock ‘n roll singer who succumbed to drugs at the age of 27 – Freddy Mercury of Queen who became a legend – Jimi Hendrix with his alpha guitar. These are but a handful of musicians and artists who suffered from their own mix of talent and genius and ended up taking drugs. Drugs took the pain away, it made them forget.

The heyday of the Sixties
In the old days artists were called drug addicts but there are many writers, singers, comedians and others who suffer from a bipolar disorder. People do not like the word ‘mental’ but it is a mental disease – a mood disorder that includes manic, depressed and mixed episodes. It is the most common of all mental disorders because of the occurrence rate of depression. Here is what you should know about mood, manic, and depressed episodes:

·         A mood disorder characterized by disturbances in physical, emotional and behavioural patterns which can range from elation to extreme depression with a potential for suicide.

·         A manic episode characterized by an unusual elevated mood or one of extreme agitation. The person has grandiose ideas about his importance and power. He may jump from topic to topic and make everyone around him crazy. The person is jacked up and speaks rapidly and in severe cases may see or hear things others do not.

·         Sadness, thoughts of worthlessness, feeling empty, crying all the time, difficult concentration and an inability to sleep; they are unable to socialize with others and is obsessed with thoughts of death and dying. Feeling sad and depressed all the time is not good and should be treated. According to one sufferer having a bipolar disorder is like an endless roller coaster.

Treating bipolar disorder
Seek treatment right away. The earlier you start the process, the better. Effective bipolar treatment relieves symptoms, reduces the frequency and intensity of mood swings and you need not suffer discomfort. Having said that, go online and learn all you can about the disorder and appropriate treatment. Follow the doctor’s instructions. Your best bet for bipolar treatment is a psychiatrist who is qualified and can recommend medication. 

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