Dec 5, 2012

South African products for ex pats

Are you a South African expat living in New Zealand and miss your family, your culture and even your favorite foods? No matter where you live and what country you hail from, there is always a deep need to return to the motherland. You miss the people, the culture, the food, and especially your favorite snacks. This need not be so any longer. With the click of a button you can connect to Expat Shop and order all your favorite South African goodies: Milk tart, malva pudding, creamy Mint Crisp chocolate, apricot jam, fish paste, Mrs Ball’s chutney, a special favorite, and much more.

South African cuisine and snacks
South Africans also love their boerewors – thick sausage made with special spices and fresh coriander grilled on a barbecue – and know how to have a braai. There is nothing you cannot get. If it’s online, it is available for purchase. Food is a big pleasure for South Africans and a typical braai for a group of people would consist of grilled steak, lamb chops, chicken, sausage, potato salad, tomato and onion salad, egg salad, green salad, and in some instances a stiff porridge called pap. We love to eat in the Cape and have winter foods and summer dishes. We also have dishes that were brought by the slaves. 

Dishes from yesteryear
South African’s white masters were the Dutch who started to arrive in the 1600s even though some claim it was after that. The recipes and the spices they brought with them started to surface in the homes where kitchen slaves from Indonesia and Malaysia cooked their food. Three specific dishes were cabbage bredie, tomato bredie and denning vleis, a delicious and mouth-watering dish made with meat, cloves and allspice and slowly cooked to a dark brown. These foods were served with rice. The slaves knew how to use spices and how to cook. Many of their recipes are still used in the kitchens today. Favorite desserts in the Cape at the time include custard and stewed fruit, bread pudding, and milk tart. These recipes have not dwindled and South Africans still partake of these dishes today.  Go online to read more about South African foods and products.

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