Feb 18, 2012

Do you know everything you should know about your nanny

With the discovery of young children being abused by nannies captured on hidden camera, and seeing young babies being slapped and others being shaken, it is with horror that one recoils at the thought of an infant or toddler being hurt. With au pairs coming from other countries to fill nanny positions and stay with the children all day at home, you cannot be careful enough. Your child is everything to you. The reputation and work ethics of the nanny should be beyond perfect. There should not be a dark spot on her record. Children of one and two cannot tell you what the nanny has done.

List of requirements for a nanny to land the job

·                    The first thing is she must have two references. You will not take her word for anything at this stage, but will personally check out both references. You want to speak and meet with the person you are hiring.

·                    If you are new in the neighborhood speak to one or two neighbors to find out about everyone’s nannies and ask if they know anything about the girl you are planning to employ.

·                    Have a background check done to make sure you do not have a criminal in your house or one that has a record.

·                    If it is an au pair coming from another country, you will first have international calls with one another and then a visit by plane to your home for which you will pay to satisfy yourself on the personality and sensibility of the woman you are going to hire, and whether she agrees to come and stay with you.

·                    While you are overseas, find out from neighbors and people you meet whether she is the kind of nanny for you.

·                    Speak to agencies and people in the community who might know her or know of her. Your first concern is your children. 

·                    You will have your own list of requirements which will include a plan or a roster of the week’s activities. You will make sure she understands what you want and that she does what is expected of her.

·                    If she is good with the children, but a little behind with her chores, be easy and thank her for what she is doing and then remind her of what still has to be done. 

·                    Tell her that your kids are not allowed to watch television for more than an hour and that you prefer her taking them out for fresh air in the yard or go for a walk.

·                    Make sure she agrees to your terms and that she will do what is required of her, and then draw up a contract.

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