Feb 15, 2012

Rating your self-confidence

The first question to ask yourself is how self-confident you are. Are you self-confident enough to read on and discover how little confidence you have, or how much? Are you smiling as you read this, or cringing? Do you say yes when you mean no? Do you say things to people you don’t mean just to be accepted into their circle? If you dread confrontation and most times agree with comments just for the sake of fitting in, you may indeed suffer from lack of self-esteem and low self-confidence. The famous actor Charlie Chaplin once said that if you don’t believe in yourself, why should others? Here’s something for you to think about: when you appear needy to others, they shy away. No one wants be around a needy person or a loser.

Developing self-confidence

·                    Believe in yourself; that is the first step. How do you do it? Read books on how to be successful and confident in today’s environment.

·                    Try to learn something new once a week; do something you have never done before.

·                    Take control of your inner voice and don’t run away from trying new things. If you do run away, ask yourself if you are afraid to try because you fear failure. It is all right to fail as long as you keep trying.

·                    Work on your inner voice and don’t entertain negatives. Remember, the inner voice is something deep inside which warns you when something is wrong or does not fit; do not ignore it.

·                    When you meet someone for the first time, dress for the part. Have a straight back, walk tall, look people in the eye. Whatever you do, don’t be the first to avert your eyes; don’t let them stare you down.

·                    Have the self-confidence of Michael Jordan and make the decisions in life that are right for you.

·                    Change your perspective of who you are and read up on how to have a positive mental attitude. This is an internal journey; remember that. When you control your beliefs you are on the path to creating the life you want.

Learning and sharing

Part of learning something new is listening to what others have to say. You do not have all the answers. This life journey we’re on is about sharing and there is something new we can do every day to change someone’s environment. Learning something new also gives you leverage. It says that you’re a person of substance. You have something to talk about. You are to be listened to. Don’t veer from your beliefs. Believe that God loves you and that you can move from low self-esteem to being the confident person you really are by just changing a few things in your life.

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