Mar 17, 2012

Mom's boyfriend asked me out

The most degrading and under-handed thing that a man can do to a family is to date the divorced mother in order to get close to the woman’s daughter. The man has made overtures to the girl on several occasions and is behaving inappropriately in her company, always teasing her when mom is not looking and asking her not to tell her mother that he had asked her to go with him to see a movie. Should the daughter tell her mother what is happening? Will her mom believe her? Will she immediately ask him to leave? Or will her mom think she is the cause and had led him on? There are women who have sided with the boyfriend and not taken the word of their own children.

Truth is best

There are several reasons why the daughter should immediately tell her mother what has happened; that her boyfriend has made several advances towards her and even asked her out. The best way to approach the matter and move forward includes the following;

• The daughter should not keep this secret as it will lead to more deception from which it might be more difficult to extricate herself later on. The lie will become larger, some strange things might happen; the girl might even turn against her own mother.

• He is behaving in a disgusting manner coming into their home under false pretences and trying to draw her, the daughter, into an affair.

• He is hurting the mother who is lonely and probably will feel devastated when she learns of the man’s real motives.

• The man should immediately be exposed. The woman should not try to work things out; he should leave the premises immediately.

• He is a sexual predator and not to be trusted. He has no remorse and does not care who he hurts.

• Let the man go. You don’t know this man and don’t know if he might hurt someone else because he hasn’t yet been caught.

• A man who can come into the home of someone for the daughter and not the mother is a skunk and should be reported. He has not committed a criminal act yet; don’t wait for it to happen. Do something. You don’t want to read in the paper one day that he has hurt someone else.

• When you tell him what he has done is sick and disgusting, tell him at the same time that you will tell the police if he comes near you or your mother again. Tell him further that you have written about it and the letter is in a place where it can’t be found.

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