Mar 25, 2012

You love the dog more than you love me

Are you dating a man who gets up at six every morning to take his dog for a walk, have special towels for the dog, had a water-proofed wooden house built for him, lets him sleep in the sun room if there is too much sun, and constantly shakes and airs out his bedding? Is he such a dog fanatic that he lavishes more private time on the dog than on you? We all know such a person; women who fuss and dress up their little long-haired canine snappers and men who are constantly at the vet checking out the best food for their Alsatians and Boerbools. For a dog lover such as this, it may seem that he loves the dog more than he does his partner, but really it is not so.

Is there a tinge of jealousy?

Men who love their dogs do not purposely set out to hurt the feelings of others. In fact, a person who loves animals will not ill-treat living beings. Only a compassionate dog lover will go all out to see that his dog has the best care, the best food, the best exercise and the best natural supplements. Think about it for a moment. Are you really concerned about the attention your partner gives to his dog? Do you want him to spend more time with you? If so, turn things around by participating in some of their activities. Going for a walk with the dog is fun and refreshing and you have a chance to talk. You can also make an effort to interact with the dog. When your partner sees your interest in his dog he will be happy and think of more activities for the three of you. Do more fun things with the dog on your own to really get your mate’s attention.

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