Apr 26, 2012

Is it worth writing articles for the net?

With this writer it has become an addiction. I make real money writing novels and in fact a publisher is waiting for me to start writing my eleventh novel. I don’t know what it is, but I love checking my cents growing daily. It is pure pleasure and an addiction and I don’t know why I continue. Depending on the site the instructions are easy to understand but after a month of trying to get Ad Sense and Chitika earnings it is virtually impossible.

Experts Column
pays decently and shines way above five other sites I also write for. However, the downside of this kind of writing is that it is not your writing alone that makes bucks. You have to figure out how to use links and back links, how to place widgets, and how to navigate your way through a maze of information. You also have to search for things as some sites are not so easy to understand. Today I contacted tech support at one of these sites and asked when I was going to see earnings. I was told that I had to wait. Finally I was approved as a publisher and was instructed to write until I realized a lot of time had gone by and that I still do not have ads running on my site. When I did get approved for an account with Chitika which includes revenue from ads running on my blog, I am writing and writing and just today was told by a friend that the site would not even respond if you had below a number of clicks. Worse, I had not gotten any instructions that I would have to pick the ads and place them or that the ad running process had even started.

Out of frustration I am writing to all of you to say that I am not going to waste my time anymore and will start working on my next novel. I am busting my brain to write great articles every day and the sum total of my sweat resulted in only twelve dollars if I add revenue from all the sites. Pony up, Chitika. I am close to walking away. I mean, how can you write all day for eighty cents? A frustrated writer.


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