Apr 26, 2012

Is giving birth at ten years of age acceptable

When ten year old girls give birth, it is surely something to make you think and ask what the world is coming to and where we are headed. It is not a normal society when rituals include wicked practices. And there is great secrecy around the event of the girl who has recently given birth and the questions have to be answered. Was she raped? Was it consensual sex? Is it a custom of a particular tribe and therefore acceptable?

Unspeakable acts

It is not acceptable when a ten year girl whose body is hardly developed has to give up her dolls and her childhood to take care of a baby – and the parents are not mentioned at all and the man can hide behind the double sided fabric of his culture. It is unbelievable the kinds of rituals young girls from different tribes have had to participate in, even young men, just to satisfy elders. If someone from a ‘respectable’ tribe asked you to perform fellatio on old men of the tribe to please your elders, would you do it? Yet there is a tribe in South America that requires this for a young man’s initiation.

Underage sex

According to the Guinness Book of Records the world’s youngest mother in a medically documented case was in 1939 in Peru when Lina Medina gave birth to a baby at the age of five years, eight months. The girl who gave birth a few weeks ago was ten and is from the Wayuu tribe which has its own justice system and refuse to co-operate in under-age sex investigation. Under Colombia law sexual relations with a child of fourteen or younger is a crime punishable by at least nine years in prison. Sex with an under fourteen year old is all right? How’s that for morality? Not only does the offender have the tribe’s protection, because he is fifteen he cannot be identified. When the ten year old girl had the baby, the doctor said she barely understood what was happening when she gave birth. He added that he had to go with a caesarean because at that age the pelvis was still growing and too small for the fetus to pass through the vaginal canal.


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