May 3, 2012

Does Ice love Coco

Ice is mostly known for his rap music and playing a cop in a television series, and always struck me as a tough guy; someone who can defend himself in any situation. He can be so tough at times that you really believe he's a hater. And then Coco comes into his life with her stilettos and her slinky dress, and the rapper is transfixed and transformed. Together with the bulldog which has attitude they make the perfect threesome. But I’m curious about the blond reality star. I want to know if she can cook besides doing the samba, and if she knows how to look after a man - what her values are and if she is only a sexy kitten who curls up in his arm with the bulldog fighting between them to get a canine kiss.

I am presently surprised. She not only serves up delicious snacks which have taken time to make, she adds little things to it to make a good presentation. She absolutely caters to the rapper who just laps it up. Truth be told, she has changed Ice. Who would have thought that the Ice Man would melt so fast and stay married for so long? Ten years they are together. They live their life in public for the moment, but the more I check Coco out the more I think she’s a really fun and great person besides being a good wife. Not that he needed to be changed, but he needed a little softening up. They renewed their vows and he had a big splash for her. I can say that she transformed Ice and he’s a lovable teddy bear now.

But what about the Kardashians? I don't know what they are famous for. Did one of them win a literary prize, made the Guinness Book of Records, or helped people in Africa? Is it their long hair and their connection to famous people that we have to know who they are? Surely we cannot be interested in the thoughts of women who go on all day long about their love life, their morning routine, the new guy they are dating, who’s going to have the next baby, on and on. For all the talk around her buttocks, it is rarely filmed. She always faces the camera. I must really be getting old because I don’t understand the hoopla. Do we watch the show because there’s an OJ connection and now suddenly they’re famous too?

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