May 26, 2012

Is your guy losing interest in the relationship?

Does he come home from the office and say that he has to go out again after supper? Does he change his clothing, put on cologne and over check his appearance in the mirror? Trust your instinct. If he does not have a late meeting with the boss for a promotion, he is probably up to something. Maybe it is a surprise for you? Who knows? You have to test the waters to see if you are right or you will be suspicious forever. Women know long before the axe falls when there is trouble. Still, don’t jump the gun. Test it out and be sure before you ask him anything. Here is a quick way to find out if the relationship is changing.

• Call him at the office and ask him if he wants to have lunch with you at his favorite restaurant. Tell him it’s your treat for being such a great guy. If he says he has another appointment for lunch, give him the benefit of the doubt and let it go.

• Wait a day or two, don’t question him on his whereabouts and for supper prepare a nice meal. Wear something slinky and wear his favorite fragrance. Lay the table and on his plate place a folded card with the words: Booty call? Watch for his reaction. Is it spontaneous and romantic or does he show annoyance? This is a huge test as a man who is in love with a woman will do anything to get under the sheets.

• You have one last thing you can do. Ask him where he is going to every night as you would like to know. If he is anxious to explain to you and assure you that nothing between you has changed, you can breathe a soft sigh of relief. If he waves it off and says half heartedly that you are imagining things but don’t sound too convincing, you are probably in the beginning stages of a failing relationship.

• Mull over the suggestions above and determine whether you have something to worry about. You know him better than anyone. Do you feel that your suspicions are warranted and that he has changed towards you? Then probably you are right.

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