Jun 25, 2012

Being kind to the environment

Will you be celebrating World Environment Day enjoying a barbeque with family and friends? Do your bit for the environment by reading up on how you can contribute while at the same time having fun. Here are some green tips you might wish to consider.

Should you use propane or charcoal

According to a study by Elsevier’s Environmental Impact Assessment Review it is better to use propane to barbeque as it is the best option when you want to grill meat. Propane produces far less greenhouse gases than charcoal and the process takes into account transporting the propane tanks in trucks to how long it takes the coal to heat up. A charcoal barbecue produces fifteen pounds of carbon compared to only five pounds for propane; the above study also found that to make each briquette releases greater emissions than even the burning does. Additionally, charcoal comes from heating wood in an oxygen-free kiln and the kilns are themselves a source of greenhouse gas. From all of this the answer is clear that propane wins over charcoal.

Green tips for keeping cool

• Yes or no to air-conditioning? The answer is no. While air-conditioning does keep you cool, it burns up major fossil fuels. Use it sparingly in scorching heat, and do not keep it on when it is cool outside as it is a waste. You can also turn off the air-con unit at night and see what other appliances you can turn down when it is cool in the house.

• Contribute to coolness in the house by using a ceiling fan to move the air around. This will decrease the heat by six or seven degrees.

• Install weather insulating drapes which can reflect away the hot sun.

• Don’t cook food during the day as it heats up the kitchen. You may also turn off the geyser.

• A third of Americans currently use bug spray which is not good for the environment. According to the Center for Disease Control you should eliminate the hindrance of pests such as mosquitoes in the garden by using lemon eucalyptus oil which is an effective alternative for bug spray. If you don’t wish to use this, there is cinnamon oil for a healthy second option. If your house is generally hot, plant shrubbery close to the house to create shade and cut down on the heat.


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