Jun 25, 2012

The importance of life, accident, and disability insurance

If you are a family and have children who depend on you, you absolutely need life insurance coverage. You need disability if you are injured, especially if you are a one-income family and have young children who are depending on you for their livelihood. You need life, disability and other insurance to provide funds when and if something happens to you. Listed below are some reputable life insurance companies you can go online for and check out.

Mutual of Omaha founded in Omaha, Nebraska puts emphasis on family values and was established to provide financial security to families in need. In l924 the company ranked as the 8th largest insurance company and continuously came up with an inventory of products.

Accuquote allows users to go online and enter their information to get access to term or life insurance options. They can also get several quotes from different companies; all upon getting the information and thinking about it and making an informed decision. Life is made simple for the applicant as he or she can then submit an application and a hard copy is mailed for signatures and medical exams or other medical requirements. Various resource tools are available on the site to help the customer.

Gerber Life Insurance started operations in 1967. Their trademark logo is of an adorable infant recognized the world over from the company’s baby food products and from vigorous print and web advertising on billboards and other campaigns. Gerber Life claims that even though they are thought of as strictly “a baby life insurance provider, the company is much more than that and offers many insurance options.”

Quote Guardian, an online insurance leads provider was created to give clients a place to shop for any type of insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. The company stresses that it is neither an insurance company nor affiliated with one. They have a group of licensed Insurance Agents across the country and how it works is that the client submits an application for an insurance quote and Quote Guardian matches the client with a local agent in his or her area. The agent provides an array of quotes from different companies which allow the client more options and more variety and the agent also facilitates the actual procurement of the policy. Nothing can be simpler.


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