Jun 5, 2012

Rafael Nadal does not like lightning

Who the heck likes lightning, and would you naysayers back off already? So what if Rafael Nadal picks at his pants on the court and put his water bottles just ever so straight in a row? We all have quirks; just no one knows about them. Rafael grew up in front of a camera. Uncle Tony stuck a racquet in his hand and said Vamos! The Spaniard scrambled off onto the court where he jumped nervously from one foot to the other in anticipation of that first serve. What is this preoccupation with Rafael Nadal’s nervousness and anxiety? And what if he still lives at home, doesn’t eat ham, doesn’t like sunscreen and hates lightning?

It must be the hardest thing to do for a tennis player who is generally a little tense to step out onto the court with tons of people watching in the stands. The ticket holders want action. There is a lot of expectation. It is the season of the big three; Federer, Djokovic and Nadal. Each one of them are hungry, each one has his quirks. So why pick on Rafa? Are you a doctor? Do you know his past and his history? Have you spoken to the Spaniard that you know he is deeply, deeply neurotic? Nadal’s just a grown kid, like most of us; nervous and anxious with a fear of failure. Maybe he has a compulsive disorder. Maybe he is worried about that first opening round in the finals. Who knows? And so what if he is a little neurotic? It’s what makes people interesting and different from the rest.

Let Rafa have his rituals. It’s who he is; a gladiator on the court. He has a girlfriend who understands him and an uncle who has his back. We have all seen over the years how they are still with each other. Not easy to do when you are in the limelight. Rafa doesn’t need anyone to defend him and he doesn’t need sunscreen; his skin is smooth and supple without it and just the right color. Why do the Nadal-haters always find something to say about him? Nadal is a little suspicious and a little jumpy, yes; he’s wired like a wild cat. Let’s wait for the finals and see who is the number one hunk and tennis player of them all! Sticks and stones will break my bones; jealousy will get you nowhere. Vamos Rafa!


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