Jul 9, 2012

From Russia with love

Finding a wife with all the right measurements, looks, emotionality and accoutrements is going to be a lot easier if you set your mind to it and take active steps to include a woman in your life and a wife for all time. It is not that difficult; there is a lot you can do, the most important of which is that you have to come to the party and do your part. If you are not averse to doing some work, here are a few tips to help you find a wife. Make a list of what you are looking for. People change their mind all the time and since we are talking about your life, you have a chance now to put it down on paper and get it right.

1 The first question to ask is whether you want a woman before the party or after the party? Before the party means she is showing her good, sexy side and doing everything to please you, and after the party means you see her frying eggs in the kitchen in her underwear with her son present.

2 Be specific about how you are going to deal with your differences in faith where one of you is Christian and the other is a Hindu or a Muslim. Often couples shove this to the back of their mind and when it is time to set the date for the wedding, he or she backs out of the relationship.

3 Tell your colleagues and friends that you are in the market again, and be straight and tell them you are looking for a good woman who can become your wife. Your friends are the best ones to ask to help you find a wife as they know you and you can trust their judgment.

4 Prepare to get into some nice clothes and go with a friend to one of his spots of entertainment and keep an open mind. You can also join a literary group if books are your thing, or become part of a Scrabble group or forum for single parents.
5 If you like one of the women at any group you attend, you can go up to her and sass her out. Does she fit your style and temperament? Does she have a mind of her own and her own thoughts? Is she adventurous and funny and appeals to your witty sensibility? If cooking is your strong point, stir up a delicious dish and invite her over.

If you need more than the above, one of the best things to do to ease yourself into finding a partner and dating again is to go online and check out a few dating agencies catering to people from other countries where you can broaden your experience. Try different types of agencies whether it is a dating service that has a gallery of girls to choose from or caters to clients who are looking for services in a different culture. Ukraine/Russian dating is popular and you will, with determination and the right spirit, find yourself a wife.


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