Aug 12, 2012

10 reasons why top sales people win

1   Do what you love

The number one reason why top sales people are successful is because they do what failures do not want to do. They are prepared to put in the work. They do not take short cuts. Today the top 20% of sales people make 80% of the money. They make it in sales because they love what they do. Selling is in their blood. Work is not a hardship. They are prepared to put in extra time and use the tools of success.

2.   Go the distance with a client

Did you know that according to research only 3% of adults have written goals? The sales people who have a plan and detail what they are going to do and then do it are the ones who are most likely to succeed and rise to the top. They are the hardworking guys who create and invent. They are not shy to knock on a door and do cold calling, and go in twos to have a psychological edge.You are less likely to get the door closed on you if there are two people persuading you to listen to them.

3.   Perseverance pays dividends

Set your mind to succeed and put all your energy into it. Stop at nothing to get your sales figures up. Educate yourself by reading success stories of top sales people and other books written on how to change mundane figures into dynamic sales.

4.   Make a commitment

Commit and open yourself up to learning. Commitment is an important ingredient in the sales process and when you know your subject you can speak with confidence. When you flounder that is when you lose the sale. Clients want to deal with successful people who know they are successful. They want you to be more expert than they are. Attend seminars, listen to audio programs; stock yourself up with all kinds of sales information.

5.   Use your time well

Plan your day. Make your calls in the morning. Go on appointments in the afternoons. Go when it is beneficial for the client. Remember, how you spend your time determines your success. Train yourself to be successful and act with confidence. Use implied consent when setting up an appointment.

6.   A leader, not a follower

When people start to come to you for financial advice you know that you are on the road to success. Don't miss a beat. Be inspired and read books not only on how to sell but also study the work ethic and take the lead from people such as Napoleon Hill and Paulo Coelho who sold millions of copies of their books. Learn from their success, see what they have done and try the same with your own spin on it.

7.   Credibility is key to sales success

You are in the credibility business. If people do not find you credible they will think you unworthy and not come to you for help. Be sincere in how you present yourself. Without a customer you have no business. Let people trust you.

8.   Feel confident

Tell yourself that you are the best at what you do and a master at your craft. Believe that you will reach your goal and you will.

9.   Invest in your customer

Treat your client how you would like to be treated yourself. Take your time with a client's needs and questions. Don't rush the process. Clients will feel more comfortable with you if they feel free to answer questions and that you don't mind the time it is taking.

10.   Pay the price for success

Start your day earlier and work harder to be able to do all the things that are required for success. If you are not out with clients you can read up on material on how to reach and maintain sales success.

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