Dec 30, 2012

Bad habits to let go of in the New Year

Let’s not talk about New Year’s resolutions and lofty promises to change. Let’s just do it quietly on our own, without fuss and fanfare. All year I’ve been contemplating quitting cigarettes and another serious vice and kept putting it off. About ten days ago I quit smoking, and just did not light another cigarette. I put it out of sight so I would not see it. Every morning around eight I crave a puff and then forget about it. I also upped my water intake to five bottles a day to battle a constipation problem caused by taking too much calcium prescribed with certain medication. Best of all though, it is three or four months since I stepped into a casino. 

Breaking patterns

This is my greatest achievement. Not only do I no longer go, I don’t get the urge anymore which used to propel me to drop a few coins in the Dragons machine.  In my saner moments when I think about it, I cannot believe how it had me in its grip for so many years. What happened is that I just had too much going on in my life and had to get rid of things and ideas which were no longer valid or useful. I found that because of my will to change I changed without difficulty. I effectively changed three things in 2012, and I don’t miss it. I have since revamped my life and so you too can do so to give yourself a nice fresh start to the New Year.

Discard the old for the new

If you’re bored with anything in your life, whether it be the carpet in your living room, or the moles in your neck that you keep planning to have removed but never get around to; what’s stopping you? Making a few visual changes in your kitchen and living room and sprucing up your garden with some colorful plants and flowers will immediately give you a lift. Next, think how you can apply this strategy to your relationships with colleagues and friends. Surprise them with muffins for breakfast and show that you think of them. Remember birthdays. If there is something personal about yourself you want to change, why not just do it if that is what it takes to keep you happy and whole?

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