Dec 7, 2012

Carlos Xuma

Carlos Xuma, also known as Carlos Demeco is one of the first dating coaches to emphasize ‘being comfortable with your masculinity’ and constantly upping your game to be more successful with women. Active in the dating advice community since the early 2000s he has produced 40 or more books and courses. With provocative titles such as Alpha Conversation and Persuasion, The Seduction Method, Supreme Self-confidence with Women, and many more titles, he describes himself as being fairly successful with women from an early age. He is a long-time practitioner in martial arts and has attained a black belt.

Books and courses - Carlos went through a bit of a drought in his life and was prompted to research the psychology of attraction and dating and pick-up. Through personal experimentation he learned the ins and outs of successful pick-up, for instance: ‘what makes a man a so-called alpha and what traits attract women on a deep instinctual level?’ With dozens of books under his belt and more to come, he is also the author of The Dating Black Book and How to be Irresistible to Women.

Interesting quotes and advice – Carlos believes that self-confidence is built on self-esteem and that it is one of the most important ingredients for a successful relationship. Men are suffering from the indoctrinations of the past, he believes, and need to move beyond that. He teaches three things which make a man attractive to a woman; self-discipline, confidence, a sense of humor. Being able to laugh is a good trait. A strong woman wants a man who knows more than she does; one who is strong and successful and can take care of her – a man that does not take life too seriously. If she likes his looks, she should approach him and not wait. Here are some of the author’s beliefs for a successful dating relationship:
·         Learn how to build and nurture the sexual tension between you.

·         Feed off the tension and jack it up.
·         Be independent; secure singles do not seek other people’s approval.
·         Do not come off too strong in your opinion.
·         Women are attracted by ambition and power. They like men who are secure and know what they want.
·         Use shock as one of your dating tools and be different. How alive are you willing to be?
·         Don’t rely on memorized routines; be natural. Women can spot if you are a fake.
·         Be real with women and be yourself. If you see an interesting woman, go up to her.
·         For more on Carlos Xuma go online and read more of his work and how it may help you.

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