Dec 9, 2012

Constipation worst Parkinson's symptom

If you suffer from Parkinson’s Disease you already know that constipation is one of the worst symptoms of the disease because of all the calcium that has to be ingested every day to keep the bones strong. Parkinson’s sufferers are prone to falling and taking calcium every day is one way to build bone mass and treat it. This sufferer had no problems with bowel movements until she stopped eating goji berries, stopped drinking the juice, and stopped walking and hiking. Today the price was exacted; three hours of hard labor in a hot cubicle dealing with matter. The article is not intended to be distasteful, but the severity of bad constipation has to be emphasized for some people to do something about their condition. Do not read the article if it disturbs you. 

Three hours struggling to evacuate

Spending three hours in the bathroom trying to have a bowel movement is not a joke. I had to call the doctor as I thought I was giving birth to rocks. Funny as that may sound it was not funny when I could not release the rocks and my eyes watered up with tears. It was the most uncomfortable three hours I have ever experienced – and I vowed that it will never happen again. I am doing a complete revamp of my grocery list, buying a sack of onions, cutting out chocolate, taking the last of the Persimmons fruit in the store. I would like to tell you what eventually happened, but I don’t think I should – except to say that I managed the matter, learned the importance of lettuce and water and got a real fright. I know that unless I uphold these small sacrifices and drink lots of water, eat apples instead of avocados, stop eating lamb knuckles, cut out crispy rolls, and get my exercise regime together that I will be in intestinal, gastronomical and psychological sh*t.

Lean meat, fish, water and regular exercise

Drink lots of water, eat apples and nuts, stay clear of bananas; some people swear by it and it is healthy and good, but has too much sugar. Sugar and fats are the killers. Cut out bread or anything with gluten, flour and starch. Constipation gets worse the longer you put off eating and drinking the right foods. Get into a regular routine and walk every day. People who have Parkinson’s and move around do a lot better than those who are not active

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