Feb 25, 2013

Living and working in a WI FI environment

Are you one of those people who work constantly in a toxic office environment and are subjected to electromagnetic radiation at every turn? Is every moment of your time taken up with surfing the net and spending long periods of time on the laptop? Are you aware of the pitfalls and what can happen if you are not protected against a radiation environment? Wi-Fi modems use dangerous electromagnetic radiation to send their signals to your computer – and if you live or work in a dangerous environment the danger is compounded.

Cable modems and DSL routers
Did you know that most health damage comes from cable modems and DSL routers that do not get turned off at night? They remain on and stay connected to your machines whether or not you are surfing and flooding your space with electromagnetic radiation. Recent EMF studies have shown that prolonged exposure to wireless DSL or cable devices cause tumors as well as memory loss and other types of brain damage.

Working safely
Moving away is not an option as EMFs are designed to flood homes and buildings. They can be turned off when not in use but there are other signals to deal with.  This is where SafeSpace products come in; they are designed to influence artificial EMFs and restore coherence and balance to the fields around you by setting up a corrective resonance – meaning they alter the EMF, changing it from harmful to harmless. In other words, the dangers of EMFs are neutralized and the field harmonized. They are affordable, easy to use and proven effective in independent EMF studies.

Recommended for use with wireless devices
SafeSpace 1 – Clears 1000 ft. radius – great for homes, offices, schools, dormitories
SafeSpace2  - Counteract the fields around the router and computer
SafeSpaceAppliance Patch – Neutralizes the 60-hertz field from any technologies that plug into a wall

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