Feb 26, 2012

Any Red Gage enthusiasts who can report good earnings?

With the many sites that article writers can choose from, it is worth trying to determine if all of them are genuine and you are earning from them. Writing three or more articles a day and trying to manage all the peripheral details like writing, posting, researching, and so on you don’t want to waste your time and could spend it researching or marketing or trying out another site. I checked out the Red Gage site and as far as I could quickly assess, they offer to put your sites or your articles all in one location and they manage it for you. 

Comparing notes

My question is: with the little we already make, can one afford to have someone who does no actual writing just come along and skim the cream by consolidating the sites and then earning from it after the hard work is done? The hard work is in the topics or niche and the writing of the content. What is the big deal if you have earnings in different places? I kind of like the idea of going to the different sites and seeing how my articles are doing and how the earnings are increasing. Perhaps we could hear from some Red Gage writers with first-hand experience.

Interviewing for the job

As we all have to follow a process when we want to write for a site, it would be nice to hear some answers from Red Gage or their writers, or writers from any other site as far as

·                    how earnings are calculated,
·                    whether they are revenue sharing sites,
·                    how many sites you can post to after first posting on Triond,
·                    how to avoid getting penalized
·                    how to avoid getting fired
·                    If you write for Triond and repost to other sites, how many other sites can you have?
·                    how to juggle all your writing without breaking the rules,
·                    the truth about how to make at least fifty dollars a day.

The four sites I write for are all great, but at the end of the day the writer has to survive. With Experts Column I have made about a dollar a week. It is nice, but obviously not enough. I will increase my earnings with more articles, but will have to do something drastic to bring that about. Any realistic, do-able ideas for at least $50 a day? It would allow me to continue writing articles, but also to get back to writing my eleventh novel writing.


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