Mar 21, 2012

Internet-speak for idiots

The thing I love most about writing and blogging on the internet is that I love the challenge, the different ways to make money, and burning the midnight oil to finish an article. The thing I detest about this new online way of working is all the technological terms, that no one explains to you how to do things or show you in person. There is no personal contact and for a job where you have to know how to upload sites, add blogs and post links, it is all a little frustrating. For a person who wants to get down to the business of writing, it takes a long time to really understand how AdSense works, how to get traffic, what to do with the links and so on.

More articles equal more traffic and more money

For instance, ask anyone outside of this industry what a newbie or AdSense means, they couldn’t tell you. Assignments and tasks should be easy explained. If at the top of an article it states that you pay $4 an article, it should not state $2 at the bottom of the article. Times have changed in the workplace since the boss dictated to his typist and she could stop and ask questions when she did not understand, or had missed a word, or wanted to check a spelling. With online writing, deadlines, and monitored work we are fast becoming an assembly line of robots. Here are some aspects of online writing that bloggers and employers might benefit from.

Clarity of instruction

• Don’t take for granted that a writer who is commissioned to do an article on a certain subject or one outside of his or her expertise knows the language of that particular field. Every occupation has its own language and computer speak is one of them.

• When you employ writers it might be a good idea to give them a booklet in hard copy they can refer to for computer actions and SEO talk.

• Besides frequently asked questions and live chat, have a blog on the common things writers need to know about. If someone applies for an online writing job and on her first day finds out she has to spin articles, post the blogs, and a whole lot of technical things, it is not fair to her and you can potentially lose a writer.

• Be clearer with your instructions. We are getting our tasks and assignments online. We don’t have tutors who can show and explain things to us. Technology changes all the time and so too people have to be educated and clearly kept up to date.

• It frustrates writers when they have to stop writing to figure out an instruction they cannot get right. Was there a school for computer boffins growing out there while I remained glued to my laptop? Don’t get me wrong. I love the competition, the work and the buzz. I just freeze when I have to do any technical stuff. Clarity and patience is all a writer wants.

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