Mar 3, 2012

Preparing your toddler for a sibling

If you are pregnant with your second child and your toddler is starting to get jealous, this is something you should take cognizance of and deal with early. If you are fatigued now, you will be more fatigued when the new baby arrives and it will help you enormously if you plan a new schedule ahead of time. Here are some quick and easy ways to prepare and introduce your toddler to the sibling which is due any day.

Rearrange your priorities

·                    Make a grocery list for one month’s food and other supplies and call in the order so you don’t need to leave the house;

·                    Rearrange your toddler’s play dates and other activities to accommodate the new baby in the house;

·                    Order diapers and wipes in bulk as you are going to need them for a long time;

·                    Spend enough time with your toddler as you want to avoid jealousy;

·                    While you are still pregnant introduce the subject of a new sibling so that by the time the baby is born it is not a shock;

·                    Let dad have a special bonding session with her by taking her out on his own;

·                    It is important not to neglect your daughter at this time; show her the items you have bought for the baby. Let her choose some of the bonnets and bootees and show her the christening dress you have bought. Tell her the dress is extra special as she had worn it first;

·                    Discuss some of the names you may wish to consider for the new infant; don’t leave her out of things. Remember, she was the first on the scene;

·                    Ask her how she feels about sharing a room with the baby or whether she wants to be on her own, and then give her a chance to express how she thinks the new room should look;

·                    When the baby arrives, don’t make a huge fuss and don’t forget to include her in everything;

·                    Sit up close with her on the bed and the infant so she can feel part of the process when the baby is being fed – and let her touch the new baby;

·                    Spend enough alone time with your toddler and don’t make a huge fuss of the new arrival. Your toddler needs time to come to terms with what is happening.

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