Apr 25, 2012

Nourish your soul and turn hate into love

Are you by nature arrogant, ego driven and one who starves your soul by rushing through life? Are you a bitter individual with negative energy who can’t see the forest for the trees and always complain about how life is treating you? Are you rude and resentful and your friends are just plain tired of your egotistical manner, wishing you would not contaminate their space with your negative energy? It’s a sure sign that you have neglected the spiritual part of your life. Why not change and change the environment around you?

Read up on a different virtue every day

When you turn your back on some of the virtues of life your soul suffers and starves for positive energy. Make up your mind to be positive no matter what your circumstances. Read a book called the Virtues of Life and see how kindness, compassion, respect, the power of the word ‘please’ can help you, and other kindnesses can change who you are. When you are kind to others you attract kindness to you. When we eat on the run, always hurrying for that lost dollar, we don’t appreciate our surroundings and have no time for anyone.

Here are some ways to experience the best that life has to offer

Meditate every day in a quiet place for twenty minutes. If you can’t think of what to say just say thank you, God, thank you God over and over again until you feel something changing in you – and even if all you do is just thank God.

• Take an early leisurely walk along the shore breathing in the beauty of the mountains and the sea. Thank God for the beauty of His Handiwork.

• Listen to classical music. ‘Mozart’s Requiem for a Mass’ is a good pick. Don’t choose Rachmaninoff’s ‘Funeral March’. It is a heavy dirge.

• When you wake up in the morning say thank you to God for another day.

• Give a beggar in the street a crisp twenty rand note. Don’t worry about what he will spend it on.

• Eat some brain food that consists of nuts and fruit and yogurt and feel light and energized.

• Bake an almond cake and relish in the aroma in the house.

• Rent a Chris Rock video and laugh.

• Spend extra time with your kids and once a week rent a movie the whole family can watch.
• Jot down some things you wish to do the following day and do it.


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