Apr 19, 2012

What is your purpose in life

Do you know? Have you thought about it? Is it one of your life questions? We are all here for a reason, and we are all here to learn something that will take us out of ourselves and serve others. We are not here just to exist for a few seasons and take up space. We are here to learn and give back. But what is it that you give back? Have you found out? Has it come to you? I have been asking myself this question for many years, and just like everything else it was right under my nose. If you want to know your purpose in life start with some questions as to who you are and who or what inspires you the most – what you do with your time – what you are doing today and if it is any different than the day before – whether you have learned any lessons and changed something about yourself – how you can contribute. One thing is for sure; you did not land on this page by accident. Already you are reading an article on man’s purpose on earth.

Preparation in childhood

My reason for being here, I believe, is to open up new avenues for people so that they may be able to help themselves. I supply information in the form of books, articles, novels and films. I believe that my ability to write and share information has a lot to do with my curiosity about God and what it is that God wants from me. I am meant to be curious in order to research and supply information wherever I can. I believe that my preoccupation with the scriptures – not only about Islam but all faiths – was instilled in me at a very young age and that I have always been curious about God, and especially the subject of death and what happens to the soul afterwards. These curiosities lead me to write and in turn provide answers to questions. For instance, if I was interested in the accumulation of money I would not be interested in writing for the internet where I might get two cents for an article like this instead of a large advance for my next novel.

Terrified of close spaces

Here is a snippet of my childhood when I was six years old and my grandfather had a heart attack and collapsed in front of me; the house filled up with people, and our mother was next door helping and keeping vigil through the night and I heard the owls hoot in the tall pine trees. I was terrified of the dark. I am terrified of close spaces. For me they were all signs of being buried alive. Within a few days or weeks of my grandfather’s funeral, the new born twins died next door. I was angry with God, yet terrified of what He would do if He could read my thoughts. Today I connect the dots and understand what is going on. If I did not go through this horrifying experience as a six year old, if I did not scribble my fear in books, if I did not suffer panic attacks at family funerals, I might not have been a writer today. God prepares us for everything. Life is a process; it takes time to get things right.


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