Jun 13, 2012

Spring cleaning your house for summer

After a long cold winter it is time to freshen up your house by giving it a thorough cleaning. Here are some easy things to do to keep your house looking fresh and new:

• Do the outside chores first by cleaning up and removing any rubble in the yard and at the side of the house. Have your kids help as there are many small things they can pick up.

• Pick up dog poop which have accumulated, put it in a plastic bag and then in the bin.

• Remove all the old blankets and towels of the dog and wash them separately from your clothes. Hang the dog’s towels out on the line so they can look and smell fresh.

• On a hot day hose the kennel down inside and out and let it dry out before you put clean blankets and towels in the kennel.

• Fix broken tiles on the roof and check your gutters for leaves. While you are up on the roof check that there are no loose tiles and no leaks.

• Stand on the opposite site of the road and see the house from a distance the way other people would see it. If there is rubbish on the porch or old brooms and spades and broken gardening equipment, get rid of it.

• Put your budgies or parrots in the bathroom where the window is closed while you clean the parrot’s cage.

• Check the interior of the kitchen and bathroom to see if there are leaking taps and if your bathroom can do with a quick paint to freshen it up. You would be surprised by what a fresh coat of paint can do.

• Check your driveway for spots you intended to fill up with cement.

• Check your fencing and your gates to make sure there is no rust.

• Fix the garage door that you have been planning to do for a long time.

• Fix the cracks on the wooden stairs and give it a coat of paint before the summer ends.


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