Jun 13, 2012

A divorced dad's rights in the US

Divorced dads today have more rights than ever before, especially when it comes to the care, love and maintenance of the children. A divorced dad’s rights are practically the same as a single mom’s rights after he has established paternity of the child. He cannot exercise parental rights until this has been done. If this has not yet been established he can still claim paternity if he was married to the child’s mother during the time the child was conceived as it is presumed then that he is the biological father. If he was not married to the child’s mother he will have to establish paternity through the state’s Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) which will allow him to request visitation as well as his right to support the child.

A divorced dad has the following rights

• He has the right to an ongoing relationship with the child, and without interference where he can have contact, and spend weekends and holidays with him or her.

• He has the right to see his children on weekends and during the summer holidays when they can have late nights and sleep-over at his house.

• He has the right to attend the children’s concerts and presentations and any school events as well as parents’ night.

• He has the right to provide financial support for the child. Fathers who don’t want to pay support for a child can end up in jail. The rules are strict when it comes to deadbeat dads.

• He has the right to prevent third-party adoption. What this means is that if the father is unmarried and his ex-wife is pregnant with a child he believes is his, he can prevent the adoption of that child to a third party.

• A divorced dad has the right to make decisions with his ex wife regarding the education, religion, medical care and upbringing of the child – which faith the child will follow and which church or synagogue or mosque the child will attend and on which Saturdays or Sundays. There is much written about a divorced dad’s rights on the internet if you want to learn more. Go online and find out.


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